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By offering this bot, our server is a safer, happier and much better community, with a greater sense of well being and self care.

— The Revision Room

Koko has partnered with many of the world's largest platforms. Across these platforms, we have reached over 2M people.


Make a great first impression.

Let new users know you're looking out for their emotional wellbeing with a welcome message from Koko when they first join your server.

What is Koko?

Koko is a non-profit. Our anonymous chat service connecting you with kind humans and global wellbeing resources, whenever you’re feeling down. Every day, hundreds of new people from around the world use our peer-to-peer chat service to exchange kind messages.

Koko should be on every social platform. This is genius and incredibly helpful. Life saving potential here.

— Anonymous Koko User


Reach users where they are.

Set up a dedicated channel on your server in just a few clicks.


How does Koko prevent bad advice and trolling?

Each post on our bot is evaluated by a suite of text-based deep learning models. If we detect someone at high risk, we route them to life-saving resources and interventions. Otherwise, a friendly human will offer them messages of hope; with each message being reviewed by our machine learning models prior to being shared with the user. This significantly reduces the risk of bad advice and trolling and helps to ensure Koko is a safe space for your users.

Does Koko sell my data or my user's data?

Koko will never sell your data or use it for any commercial purposes. As a non-profit company, we fund our development through supportive donors and our social platform partners.

Is it anonymous?

Yes! Once you chat with Koko you are assigned a random ID. There is no way to trace you back to your Discord account unless you willingly provide that information.

Is it free?

Yes! Koko will always be free.

Are Koko responses from real people?

Koko responses are from other Discord users just like you. Our foundations are powered by technology, but our impact is powered by kind humans.

Who made Koko?

Koko was created by a team out of MIT and Airbnb. Read our Origin Story.

Is Koko a formal mental health resource?

Koko is for peer support. Many people use Koko to gain perspective on something that’s been troubling them. However, Koko is not a formal mental health service. If you, or someone you know needs help, please refer to Discord's Health & Safety resources.

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